Achieve your personal goals with the help of a personal trainer.

Whether your wellness goals are weight loss, running your first 5K, rehabilitating a back injury, or just getting in better shape, a personal trainer can help you get there quicker and with less chance of injury. Your personal trainer will aid in developing a program of safe and effective exercises customized to your specific goals and needs. Personal Training gives you the commitment, focus, and motivation for achieving your goals.

BFIT Personal TrainerS:



For over 30 years, Kim has enjoyed working as a health and fitness professional. In 1985, Kim earned a BS in Clinical Dietetics from UVM and quickly began working at The Edge. Since college graduation Kim has earned many certifications: Wellness Director, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Tufts Strong Living Coach.  

Kim believes that every client is unique and special and so too is their health and fitness plan. Kim's passion is in helping clients find the many ways to "enjoy the journey" in their quest to a healthier life. Together you and Kim will design a life program that you can stick with, making small changes to your habits along the way. If you believe that small improvements can return great results, book a personal training session with Kim today.



Nakeeya Deas has been in the health and fitness industry for 20 years.  She holds a B.S. and certifications in: NASM CPT, NASM Senior Strength Training, Precision Nutrition Coaching, TRX, Da Vinci Bodyboard, CPR/AED.  Nakeeya strongly believes that nutrition and exercise must complement one another in order to reach one's goals. Nakeeya has three young children that keep her on her toes. When her seven year old was asked what her mommy does for a living she said, "Push-ups!"  Teaching her children the importance of good nutrition, exercise and overall self-care is of huge importance to her.



Kristen is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM is a highly respected authority in the field of fitness and sports medicine, with a methodology founded in applied science and an approach whose emphasis lies in developing individualized programs to meet the specific needs of each client. After a thorough assessment Kristen offers a personalized exercise program so that her clients can achieve their fitness goals. Kristen’s holistic approach to personal training helps her clients make changes to improve their body’s health as well as their own personal wellbeing. Kristen’s specialties Include: detecting and correcting muscle imbalances, core training, rehabilitation after injury or surgery, injury prevention, flexibility & balance training, and weight management. Kristen also teaches Spinning, strength training, and weight management classes. In her free time she enjoys cross country skiing, biking, hiking, yoga, cooking, and gardening.


Ashley is a registered nurse and certified health coach through The American Council on Exercise with a goal to shift the way we look at health. Since becoming a nurse 6 years ago, Ashley has worked with patients to be reactive to their health issues and diagnoses. She is making the shift to help her clients be more proactive with their health; what can we do right now to minimize the risks for these chronic conditions later? Through individualized fitness plans, nutritional guidance, stress management and behavioral changes, Ashley is an advocate for you, your health and your identified health and wellness goals. We all have potential but not all of us recognize our own abilities. Ashley’s goal as your health coach is to help you hear and listen to yourself, to reach your goals and to become the person you were made to be.

Credentials: - Bachelors of Science, - Registered Nurse Bachelors of Science, - Print Journalism Certified Health Coach - 10-time marathon runner, including Boston Qualifier - 7-time half marathon runner

BFIT Personal Training Rates:

+ 30-Minute Session

Call BFIT for information on 30-minute personal training rates.

+ 1 One-Hour Session

Member: $65
Non-Member: $75
Training with Nakeeya: $70

+ 5 One-Hour Sessions

Member: $275
Non-Member: $330
Training with Nakeeya: $325

+ 10 One-Hour Sessions

Member: $450
Non-Member: $550
Training with Nakeeya: $600

*Appointments are scheduled with your personal trainer are mutually convenient times. All cancellations require 24-hour notice or a fee of one session will be charged. Packages of personal training must be used within one year of purchase.


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