Gym Fear: What To Do When You’re Afraid of the Gym? Join BFIT!

Every week at BFIT, I seem to end up talking with people who want to improve their health and fitness but are afraid of the gym. At BFIT, we’ve developed specialized programs and created a more comfortable atmosphere to help people overcome their fear.  As a  community-based gym, the environment at BFIT is designed to be comfortable and enjoyable without many of the intimidating aspects one normally experiences at a  large fitness center. Yes, there are people at BFIT with well-developed physiques, but more often, they are surrounded by everyday people with everyday bodies working to achieve their own, unique fitness goals.  

At BFIT, our process begins with a focus on easing your anxiety and easing you into the possibilities of developing a personalized program to help you achieve your own, individual goals. Most often we can begin with a private, in-person, or sometimes begin talking about your individual needs and goals over the phone or via email. The important thing to overcome your fear is to do something by making the move to reach out and discuss your fitness goals, or better yet, walk through our front doors at BFIT.

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