Yoga: A Natural Stress Relief

Many types of exercise help to fight depression, anxiety and stress.  Yoga happens to be an option that is accessible to many different ability levels. At BFIT we offer nine yoga classes every week, all included in your BFIT membership.  Classes range in increasing ability levels– from Chair Yoga to Gentle Yoga to Yoga Flow.  Checkout the website to see a full listing and descriptions.

Yoga classes combine three elements– Asanas, controlled breathing, and meditation. Asanas are physical poses meant to improve muscle strength, joint mobility, circulation, and balance. Controlled breathing is used in preparation for meditation. It helps improve breathing patterns, improves the flow of oxygen to the brain, and forces self-awareness through breath. Meditation is a technique used to control the mind to a state of high concentration, focus, and self-awareness. Without interruption, meditation allows us to reach a level of deep relaxation.

Research shows that practicing yoga can reduce the impact of stress on our lives and may be helpful as a natural treatment for anxiety and depression.  As yoga reduces perceived stress and anxiety it also lowers physiological arousal: Lowering Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Easing Respiration.  The scientific study of yoga demonstrates that mental and physical health are essentially equivalent.  With this information and the fact that yoga is a low risk, high yield approach to improving your overall healthy, why not try a class?  There are many classes at BFIT to choose from. Check out our schedule today!

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